Arsenal midfielder Frimpong In Trouble Again!

Arsenal’s defensive midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong doesn’t seem to be able to keep himself out of trouble, as he receives another FA charge for statements he has made on his Twitter account.

The Ghanaian international has stated on his Twitter account:

‘if you going church today Pray For me Giving today A Miss’

To which a Tottenham fan replied:

‘I prayed you break your arms and legs’,

That startled Arsenal’s defensive midfielder who couldn’t help himself but say: ‘@ Scum Y**’

‘You can’t go around wanting players to break limbs, no matter who you play for. embarrassed to be a yid right now!’

The FA immediately noticed the offensive attitude Frimpong had, and decided to warn the midfielder who is currently out with a broken leg.

‘Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong has been charged under FA Rule E3 for improper conduct in relation to recent comments made on Twitter,” said a statement on the FA’s official website.

‘The allegation is that Frimpong posted comments amounting to improper conduct and/or which brought the game into disrepute, which included a reference to ethnic origin, faith or race.

‘The player has until 4pm on 27 July 2012 to respond to the charge.’

Arsenal were quick to reply, and released an official statement which read:

‘We are aware of the FA charge. As previously stated, Emmanuel has been reminded of his responsibilities when representing the club.

‘Emmanuel will respond to the charge by July 27 as requested.’

This is not the first warn Frimpong or other Arsenal players have received after saying improper things on the social networks, so perhaps it would be best for them to focus more on football and less on updating their statuses on Twitter.