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Round up of the Cazorla news today! By KJ

Yesterday was the deadline for Malaga who needed to pay off all debt owed or risk being relegated and excluded from the Champions league. This normally wouldn’t mean anything to an Arsenal fan but we all know that the player we have been heavily linked with recently is Santi Cazorla of Malaga FC.

The story with Malaga is that they need to raise as much money as possible because of the debt. The owners have stranded the club and they are in turmoil at the moment. As a result, Cazorla was one of the several players (including Rondon and Isco) who had to leave the club in order to balance out the books.

The deadline has just passed and it was confirmed by many sources from Spain that Malaga will actually stay in La Liga. However, their UEFA licence will be called into question if they don’t pay off the debt. The UEFA licence is essentially their ticket to Champions League football.

However, this still has very little bearing on the Cazorla deal as Malaga knew of this situation way before the media learnt of it. Cazorla is actually furious with Malaga for delaying payment of his wages (which still owe to him) and wants out of the club. Arsenal were the first to learn of this and swooped in early to get a deal done.

Many journalists are expecting the transfer to be done this week so keep an eye out on the official Arsenal website…

This article was made from sourcing information from many journalist/tweeters to get a summarised picture for you as the reader.

Obviously anything can happen in football and I always urge you to expect the worst. But, things are looking very promising at the moment. Fingers crossed!