Are Man City about to do a Malaga-Arsenal fans hope so

What would happen if Manchester City’s billionaire owners got bored of football? A few months ago I would not even have considered the question, but the recent troubles with Malaga have made me think.

There you are, a decent hard-working club with a long (if undistinguished) history. A representative of some billionaire comes up to you and says

“I want to make all of your dreams come true”

The next thing you know you are lifting trophies and beginning to think that nothing can stop you when you get a phonecall from the owner and he tells you that he is bored and is selling the club, pack your bags and do one!

Sounds unlikely, well ask Manuel Pellegrini the coach of Malaga.

I don’t really think that Man City are about to experience the same thing but they have not signed a single player this summer. Mancini is crying out for some action in the transfer market but none is forthcoming.

It would be a real shame if the Sheikh lost interest at the same time that Manchester United were being crippled by the debt from the Glazers family takeover. If it wasn’t for Chelsea’s jammy Champion’s league win it looked like Abramovich had given up.

Has Le Prof got it right again? I bloody well hope so Gooners.