Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland – Gunners need more ammunition!

And so the game ends in a draw. All this wait and to be honest, the highlight of that Arsenal game was when I flicked between channels and saw Liverpool going down to West Brom. Now, okay, that may be a little harsh but let’s face it, that wasn’t the start to the season we all expected.

Concerning our new signings, I thought Podolski and Carzorla were overall very average with possibly Giroud having the best opportunity of the game. When the match started both Podolski and Carzorla looked sharp and their movement inside the box was generally good. However, as the game progressed and second half fizzled in time they both began to tire which we could excuse them from, given the pace of the EPL.

As for the rest of the team, Jenkinson and Merkesacker didn’t really gel well and given a stronger team, I think we would’ve been in trouble today. Gervinho and Diaby were solid throughout the game and I didn’t feel Song was missed today-so that was a highlight!

All in all, Sunderland parked the bus in front of their goal and made our lives difficult. They were well organized but that doesn’t justify us not scoring against a weaker team. A home game against a mediocre team like Sunderland is exactly the type of game where we need to walk away with 3 points. The type of game where we look back in the season and say, ” We dropped two points that day.” Arsenal is a huge club and we know this season that nothing is going to be handed to us. From what I saw today, draws between uneven sides often mean the stronger side needs more firepower. Perhaps AW needs to think about that…