Arsenal face fan’s backlash

As soon as Arsene Wenger mentioned the possibility of Alex Song moving to Barcelona, I should have mortgaged my house and put everything I had on the deal going through. I just hope that the other part of his statement, that Nuri Sahin could come on loan from Real Madrid for a year, also comes true.

This could well have been Wenger’s masterplan all along. Sell a player who has just had a great season, but may be not quite what you need this time, and you don’t even have to spend any money to replace him. Nuri Sahin has got great talent, having won German Bundesliga player of the year before Madrid snapped him up. He has hardly kicked a ball in anger since then, however, so will take time to show his worth.

Arsenal fans are at the end of their tether at the minute. Whether Song would have been so good this season in a more defensive role or not, he was loved by Gooners. Days after the sale of van Persie to the hated Man United, this was like kicking a man when he’s down. Arsenal and Wenger have two weeks of the transfer window left, plus away games at Stoke and Liverpool, to give the Gooners something to, smile about.

If there is no good news before the Southampton match at home on September 15th, there could be some seriously cheesed off Arsenal fans at the Emirates. One good thing, at least we don’t support Liverpool. They were soundly beaten 3-0 by West Brom. If Sahin had any doubts about who to join, that should sort it out.