Arsene Wenger says Arsenal fans should respect Van Persie

Although Robin Van Persie forced Arsenal to sell him to Manchester United, Arsene Wenger still thinks that we, the Arsenal fans, should “give him credit” and respect for what Robin did for the club last season.

Wenger admits that it hurts that Van Persie asked to leave after such a long time at the club, but he is happy that he was a real professional right to the end.

Wenger said: “I am not a specialist on time healing but there will be a frustration among some fans of course,”

“He has played for us for eight years, you have to respect what he has done for our club, what he did last year.

“This is a situation that is a completely brutal reality of professional sport. Robin was captain of the team last year and I give him credit until the last minute of the whole season because he fought like mad.

“For me that is to be professional. He comes in afterwards and wants to go? I don’t like it. But that is being professional again. But being professional until the last minute of his stay at the club.

“He gave 100 per cent and last year he kept us up there – it is a miracle we finished third. A big part of the miracle is down to him and you have to give him credit for that.”

Yes he did play very well last year, but he has said before that he only wanted to win trophies with Arsenal. If he had stayed then surely Arsenal would have had just as much chance of the title as Man United?