Arsenal’s wage structure threatens another deadwood transfer

What’s the matter with Arsenal? Why is it that we can never buy players and offer them big wages because our wage structure doesn’t allow it, we have a slim possibility to keep players because we can never compete with other clubs wage offers and yet when we want to offload players their wages always seem to be the problem!

It appears that Chamakh has caught the eye of Tottenham who are reportedly set to make a loan offer for the dud striker. They really must have a serious striker problem if they seeking the Arsenal flop with AVB prepared to take a slacking from his fans in looking to us and ex Arsenal players (Adebayor) for help. Luckily for us, Adebayor is untested this season, having missed all pre season matches and given that AWB needs a couple more attacking options, he’s set to now turned his sights on Chamahk.

However, things as usual have seemed to have caused a stumbling block in his transfer. The reason we have struggled to offload Chamakh all summer is because of his £60k wages proving to be a major stumbling block when clubs have inquired about his availability. I mean £60k?? Is that some kind of joke? No wonder the likes of Walcott aren’t signing new deals at £70k! What did Chamakh do to deserve those kind of wages! While we would prefer an outright sale, our rivals are only interested in a one year loan deal which dampens the mood slightly but is better than nothing. Let the Spuds pay those wages, even if it is only for one year.

Everton are also believed to be eyeing Chamakh, but having just landed our potential transfer striker, Kevin Mirallas I doubt this looks to be a viable report. Either way, we need to get to rid of Chamakh, and I for one would be happy if he went to Spurs or just about anywhere other than in our team!