Wages a big stumbling block in Arsenal’s Sahin deal

Although the negotiations between Real Madrid and Arsenal over the loan of Nuri Sahin to the Gunners seem to be coming to a conclusion, it is being revealed this morning that the Turkish international’s current wage deal at the Bernabeau is a staggering £120,000 a week.

This figure is far beyond Arsenal’s wage structure and would certainly annoy Alex Song (who left while earning £55,000 a week) and Theo Walcott (who is believed to demand £100,000 a week but has only been offered £70,000 a week). There is no way that Wenger would agree to that unless Madrid agreed to pay half his wages during the loan period.

This would also scupper any chance of a permanent deal at the end of it unless Sahin drastically reduced his wage demands.

This news had made me a bit more pessimistic about Sahin coming to Arsenal, but I guess, like Adebayor’s loan at Tottenham, it is surely better for Real Madrid to have Arsenal pay half Sahin’s wages than to have a luxury player draining the clubs wages while having very little chance of making it into the starting line-up.

Let’s hope that this little hurdle can be overcome this week.