Arsenal in pole position for M’Vila …and maybe Sahin too?

Update on the Sahin and M’Vila saga.

I reported in my last transfer article that Sahin was on the verge of signing for Arsenal and M’Vila had 3 teams to choose from (Arsenal, Tottenham and Zenit St Petersburg). Both stories have developed somewhat so here is the latest:

The Sahin saga has taken a different turn now with Sky Sports’ Balague reporting that Liverpool have agreed terms with Madrid and now it’s up to Sahin to choose his suitor for the 2012/2013 season.

He was scheduled to have his transfer confirmed on Monday but Mourinho apparently stepped in and was forcing him to take up the opportunity at Liverpool. He clearly favours the Gunners but he still wants to have the chance of a future at Madrid. This transfer has become very messy now. I’m still confident that he’ll choose us as we offer a lot more than Liverpool ever can. We’re a London club in the Champions League with a world class manager. It’s a no brainer.

Onto M’Vila, he’s rejected Zenit’s approach for him after he received racist letters from Zenit Ultras threatening his life if he ever were to go to Russia (Metro). This obviously has destroyed any negotiations leaving it between Arsenal and Tottenham. Arsenal have a massive advantage over their North London rivals for two reasons:

1. Arsenal have Champions league football whilst Spurs do not

2. Tottenham have two defensive midfielders in Sandro and Scott Parker meaning their interest will most likely be weaker than Arsenal whom have no conventional defensive midfielders.

I’ve expected the M’Vila deal to go down to the deadline day and nothing has swayed my mind otherwise.