Arsenal lose out again………..over financial differences?

So this morning it would seem that the Sahin saga has taken yet another turn in what seems to be the player opting for Liverpool. I find this shocking as he so desired to want to come to Arsenal and play for us a day ago. Liverpool are paying him more but can’t offer Champions league. Its surprising how many player’s we lose out on because of money. Let’s face it, this isn’t the boy scouts here. Players have a limited window in which to shine and most, if not all, want top buck for their skills.

I suppose the most disappointing thing is that in a couple of weeks, it’ll come out that we lost Sahin because of 5k or 10k per week extra that Liverpool were prepared to pay. The club has to recognize that to make money, we have spend money. I agree that not all spending should be over the top but at the very least, it should be competitive. Competitive enough to beat out the likes of Liverpool who have nothing but money to offer.

The problem with us is that we attract the wrong kind of footballer too regularly. People with fresh talent but not the ability to burn up our rivals with intense jealously. We have had players like that, no doubt, but its been a long time since we had 4 or 5 of them on the same pitch.

Navas is yet another name associated with us this transfer window. Arsenal are big club and yet when it comes to the transfer season we have as much pulling power over players as a meteor has over Jupiter. Navas has a £35m buy-out clause but Sevilla are willing to accept a bid of around half that amount. Ok, so not bad for the guys talent but then we hear about his 115kper week wage and things start to stutter. How do we afford this? Add that to his transfer fee, release clause, bonuses etc and our interest cools. Not only ours but the player’s too. He hears we backing off his initial wage and he thinks that his room to grow financially drastically weakens esp when clubs out there are prepared to offer two or three times his pay just to secure his services.

When will Arsenal learn that to win, that to make money, something has to change.