Arsenal to push ahead for M’Biwa?

Arsenal are after M’Biwa by KJ

After the Stoke match today, the ever reliable @AFCAMDEN released some interesting information on Arsenal’s next signing. His tweet essentially said:

“There is serious interest in Mapou Yanga M’Biwa”

This is some great news personally. I’m a big fan of his. Once I found out that we were signing Giroud, I watched a couple of Montpellier matches where M’Biwa was domineering. He currently captains the club and you can see why, he leads by example and is still relatively young.

His versatility is probably why Arsene is looking at him. He can play anywhere across the back 4 competently which is highly valued by any manager.

I’m guessing that Sagna’s injury is worse than first expected and Wenger isn’t going to take any chances. This is why he’s after M’Biwa so he can deploy him as right-back.

M’Biwa is in the last year of his contract and hence I’d expect somewhere in the region of £7-£8m would get our man. At only 23, he has massive resale value meaning that if he even doesn’t work out, we’ll retrieve nearly the same value we sold him for.

Also, being at only 23, he’s the perfect age for us. Koscielny, Mertesacker and Vermaelan are all 27 meaning that when they’re 31/32, we’ll have M’Biwa who’ll be in his prime at the ripe age of 27. This gives us the perfect cycle.

It looks like Wenger will be hard at work this week making sure that Arsenal can return to its former glories.