A look at Arsenal’s Champions League opponents – No great dangers

Today was a big day for the Gunners with the Champions League draw in mind. It’s always important from a footballing view that we get a good draw here so we can progress in the CL and possibly win the most elusive trophy in our history. However, some of the fans see it differently with them looking for good away days in Paris, Malaga etc. All we know is, it’s a very important day in the Gooner calendar.

Here’s the group:

Group B:
Schalke 04

A very interesting bunch of teams personally. When I heard Schalke, I had mixed feelings. I was a bit worried considering that they finished 3rd last season but was relieved knowing that we couldn’t draw Dortmund.

The next team for Arsenal wasn’t an unfamiliar one with Olympiacos yet again being pitted against Arsenal. This is the 3rd time in 4 years. I was relieved again considering the potential bogey teams in that pot. There was Juventus (undefeated Italian champions) and Paris Saint Germain (Another Arab money team). They would’ve been real trouble and could’ve threatened our chances of securing a top of the group finish.

Finally, from pot 4, Montpellier the French champions. I was pretty chuffed with this draw. I wanted Malaga as I would love an away trip there. However, Montpellier is fine by me. A very good team that will give the opportunity for Arsenal new boy, Olivier Giroud to face his old team.

All in all, I was pleased with the draw. Schalke will probably be our most difficult opponents but I’m sure we can dispatch of them with relative ease. Dortmund was a much bigger challenge last season. Montpellier on the other hand are probably the weakest with the loss of Olivier Giroud and potentially, Mapou Yanga M’Biwa.

I’d personally expect Arsenal to get 13 points from the group. That should secure us as the winners of it.
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