Juventus legends underwhelmed by the arrival of Nicklas Bendtner

So it seems Gods gift to the soccer world is finding it a little hard over in Italy. That’s right, the self proclaimed ‘Best striker in the world’, Nicklas Bendtner, is already making Juventus headlines but all for the wrong reasons. In fairness, the Arsenal striker hasn’t done anything wrong, at least not yet, but is getting some stick over there from some Juventus legends.

Bendtner may have wanted this loan deal but if the response to his arrival in Turin is anything to go by then he may find proving his self proclamation harder than he first imagined. Guiseppe Marotta, Juventus’s sporting director had this to say about the. loaned striker, “He is not the high-profile striker we were hoping to sign, but it’s a chance we have to take in a difficult market like this.” Get kicked in the teeth much? That should bring anyone’s ego down a couple of notches, even Bendtner’s.

To make matters worse, a couple of Juventus legends spoke out, voicing their opinions regarding the Danish striker’s arrival. Gianluca Vialli had this to say, “I’d give Juve eight out of ten for their transfer strategy. As really top players were too expensive to buy. The Bianconeri got Kwadwo Asamoah and Mauricio Isla, who in terms of quality compared to the cost are bargains of the summer. At times Bendtner can seem like a phenomenon, as he has great self-belief and tries very difficult moves. In Italy he can make the most of his courage and physicality, but if he wants to stand out for his quality, then he’s chosen the wrong league. I believe Antonio Conte will know how to use him best. Besides, even without a top player in attack, Juve can still win the Scudetto again.” I’m actually blushing for him now.

While Alessio Tacchinardi, another ex Juventus player said, “Bendtner isn’t a bad player per se, but he won’t allow the team to make that step up in quality. He’s certainly a decent striker, but as a fan I’d have preferred to see a different forward join Juventus.”

Bendtner on the other hand, welcomed the move and seemed oblivious to any comments stating, “I can now finally say I am a Juventus player – very proud and can’t wait to wear the stripes. I hope we will have great times together. I want to fulfil my potential here and show the fans my absolute best as that is yet to come. I am sure I will.”

To be fair, I almost want the Dane to succeed over there, when he did play for Arsenal, I thought he had bags of potential, then he opened his mouth. Now a part of me wishes he becomes a big flop because then, we were right along by saying what a complete toss this guy really is