Wenger believes Arsenal are doing things the RIGHT way!

Earlier today, we all watched Arsenal as they broke down Liverpool for an impressive victory. We were sharp in the front, solid at the back and decisive in the midfield. Its fair to say that Arsene Wenger has taken his portion of criticism over the past couple of seasons, but love him or hate him, I think the man has done the best with the resources given to him. I’ve always been pro Wenger, even at our lowest and I think the day he retires, is the day Arsenal lose their most valuable member of the team.

Arsene Wenger has always had a firm stance on how football should be played. The ethics of the game have been his coaching legacy and as the evolution of the modern game develops, so he has had to adjust his views especially concerning the running of the club from a financial perspective. Wenger’s ideologies of football differ from just about every other big club. His views are simple, spend less and the entire football world benefits because of it.

Wenger has said this about the ethics of spending big during transfer windows, “Financial Fair Play will come through because big clubs who have been spending a lot are worrying now. They ignored it until now, but finally we see that they are getting concerned. We are run in a very responsible way. We make a profit every year and I think that’s where nearly everybody is struggling in Europe. We find ourselves in the situation of Germany in Europe. I’m convinced that society will force football to become more reasonable. The standard of living is dropping, and you cannot imagine that will happen in society while football continues to push up with inflation. That can’t work together.”

The bottom line then, is that Wenger believes Arsenal are being run in the right way. From a business perspective, I’d have to agree but football is more than just a business, its a social connectivity of links, those links being fans. As fans, we don’t care about whether the club made X amount of profit, our only concern is how well we’re playing on the pitch and why the other big clubs can spend endless amounts of money, not run a profit and still keep their heads above water. Are Arsenal trying to do too much? Is our financial situation benefiting the football world but hurting us?

From today’s game, I’d say we’re playing well, Wenger has done the right thing by not spending big during the transfer window but the EPL isn’t one game long and we’ll have to wait and see whether Arsenal are in fact doing things in the right way after all.