Diaby: I’m not 100% yet – and I’m not fragile!

So it goes without say, that the man of the match against Liverpool was Diaby. Fans around the world, embraced him as a rising star, or better, which is ironic given the fact so many wanted his head after the match against Stoke. Now I want to remain positive here and just say Arsenal fans are passionate rather than fickle. Despite fans remaining divided on which players are more important to the team, I think we can all agree that a fit Diaby may be the key to our midfield this season.

So here’s what the Arsenal midfielder had to say about the matter, “Yes it was very difficult spending all of last season injured, it is difficult because no-one sees you, but there you go, I feel better now, I hope that’s the end of all that. I know, I work to play and I have a responsibility and responsibilities to the club and it’s up to me to assume them now.

“I’ve had a great preseason, I’ve featured in all the training sessions, I’ve done all the running too. I’ve played three matches and from the first game to the end of the third game it’s getting better and better, however it’s true I’m still not 100 percent, however it will come and I will get to the level.

“I’ve been to many people during rehab, it was about little things, the re-education of muscles/joints and strengthening each area in the correct way at the correct time, bit by bit so as to avoid any potential injuries that could have occurred during the rehab. I feel much better. I also had a good holiday and was straight into it on my return for preseason.

“Yes I’ve been injured a lot but I am not fragile, they were big injuries but I don’t want people to think I’m fragile because I got them because I’m not and certainly don’t think like that myself. Last weekend I played a full 90 and the last time I did that was against Blackpool I think in March or April. We are playing with a three in the middle now, two central, one advanced, I do both roles, I defend and attack and am happy with that.”

Diaby has the potential to shine this season. We can all feel it when we see him charging ahead to attack or galloping back to defend. He’s not the perfect player, not yet, but he has all the chances now to prove his worth in an Arsenal shirt this season. All we have to do, is support him and pray he remains fit.