Emmanuel Frimpong also close to Arsenal return – DENNNNNCHHHH!

Like a house of cards all falling together. Erm, but in a good way. That’s what Arsenal have on their hands. Okay, I’ll give you a hint of what I’m talking about- begins with Frim, ends in Pong. Was that too obvious? Anyways, Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong is set to make his return to training in September. Its like it’s the medicinal miracle month for Arsenal players.

After the good news that Jack Wilshere is nearly back to full fitness, we also find another Arsenal player who is recovering from his second cruciate ligament injury of his short career should be back training with the squad by as early as the 17th September too. Emmanuel Frimpong having tweeted,’ I will be back in full training with the squad on 17th on this month, two cruciate knee injuries couldn’t end my career, it’s been a long 7 months.”

The hardman midfielder has been out since he damaged his cruciate whilst on loan with Wolves. He had previously damaged the cruciate in his other knee which had seen him spend nine months out of the game. I swear, what are the chances of that? Before today, I thought cruciate had something to do with religion or worse, knees! Wait…

Emmanuel Frimpong has become a fan favorite amongst some Arsenal fans for his no-nonsense approach on the pitch and his single-handed attempt to kill the whole Spurs side. Is it just me or does he remind you of a character from Mad Max? Not the shy type either, if you were wondering. The player had a run in with Samir Nasri shortly after the traitor joined Manchester City. Confronting the world, one football player at a time. Often found tweeting the word ‘DENNNCHHHH’, I get the strangest feeling that maybe he’s just a fan of the actress, Judi Dench. Perhaps not though.

So, good to have a scary, intimidating Arsenal player bossing around the pitch. No player should have to suffer through two of those injuries and Arsenal fans wish him all the best in his training. All he has to do now is, tackle Robin Van Persie to the ground, stand up and yell “DENNNCHHHH” to his face. That would be just lovely.