Sagna – I’m as frustrated as the Arsenal fans

Sagna on his way out as well?

This summer was another focused around departures with both Robin Van Persie and Alex Song leaving for pastures new. This has sent a message around to the players and it looks like Sagna could be the next one out of Arsenal.
Here is the most recent quotes on an interview he had with L’Equipe.

‘Everyone knew Robin was leaving. But Alex? He’s 24. He had 3 yrs on contract. I still dont understand. He’s a huge loss’

‘When 2 best players go, you ask questions. Fans come up to me in the street, I understand frustration. Like them I dont understand everything’

‘I’m the only starting player left from 2007. In May, I watched City’s parade on TV. I saw Samir & Gael lift the trophy. I want that’

Were Nasri/Clichy right to leave? Sagna: ‘Yes, but we didn’t know then.’ What’s your situation: ‘I’ve 1 yr left at end of season’

Sagna is asked by L’Equipe if the club have spoken to him about extending his contract: ‘No, nobody’

The quotes say it all. He’s quite frustrated that again we’ve lost key players from the squad. You can also get a sense of jealousy when he talks about Nasri and Clichy won the league and he didn’t.

I hope that he’s just gesturing to the club that he wants a good contract if he is to stay at Arsenal. He is one of the best RBs in the world. He’s always been there for us and unlike RVP, he’s played the majority of the time he’s been a Gunner. I hope the club rewards him for such loyalty. You must also notice that these quotes come out just 2 weeks before supposed contract negotiations are to take place. It’s clear that he’s just trying to get himself into a better position for these negotiations.

The window is closed now and he won’t be leaving until next year if he so wishes. However, I expect more from him and hopefully he’ll sign a new contract cementing his loyalty to the club and possibly push him to legendary status with us.