Wenger praises the unbeaten Arsenal defence

So it seems that Arsene Wenger is the newest member of Arsenal team to give praise to Steve Bould as he tightens up the Gunner’s defensive unit at the back. Skipper Thomas Vermaelen, recently spoke about Arsenal’s defensive calmness and authority now instigated by Steve Bould. The Arsenal captain gave credit to the former Arsenal defender who took the reins of the defensive coaching job after Pat Rice made his exit at the Emirates.

Wenger is happy with Steve Bould and believes Arsenal can finish with the best defensive record in the Premier League at the end of the season. While speaking to The Sun, Wenger said, ‘ We have played two teams who didn’t really attack but he (Steve Bould) is doing a good job.’

‘We continue our training regime. He has taken over from Pat Rice for the defensive job where he is doing very well.’ When asked if Wenger believed that Arsenal would finish with the best defensive record in the League, the Frenchman added, ‘I hope so.’

Arsenal are set to face a more challenging defensive prospect in their next three games which sees them face Southampton, Manchester City and Chelsea. Arsene Wenger insists the Gunners will continue to play their usual attacking style of football that should see Arsenal continuing to score goals and repeat their impressive display that saw off Liverpool during their last match.

“No, No, we want to score goals, but Steve Bould is doing very well and I am confident we will have a good defensive record at the end of the season,’ Wenger added.

Its clear that Arsenal supporters will be wary of tooting the clubs defensive record just yet, but clean sheets in their next three games may just reinforce a sense of invincibility in defense throughout the squad and supporters alike…