Are Arsenal fans unfair to Wenger?

Arsene Wenger has received a glowing school report this week that he would be proud to take home to his parents. The Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis heaped praise on Wenger and declared that the club would be offering him a new long term contract, and that Arsenal’s financial and commercial success would not have been possible without the Frenchman.

At the same time, former Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn has accused Arsenal fans of causind Wenger pain through their lack of appreciation of his methods. Winterburn feels that Wenger’s pride will not allow him to accept a new deal with the Gunners if he feels he is not doing a good job, and the criticism of the fans may cause him to doubt himself.

“I think he has been hurt by some of the supporters who haven’t trusted his judgment. They could say they have a right to question him because we haven’t won anything.

“But people say to me “why do Arsenal not spend £30 million on players?”, but even when Arsenal won things under Wenger they never spent that amount of money. He always spent  relevant money and brought young players through.”

Winterburn, like alot of Arsenal fans, believe that Wenger is the right man to lead Arsenal forwards now. He has two years left on his contract but I expect him to extend that. Of course he wants to win, and this may be the year, but Arsenal are in a great position for the future. If the FFP rules do curtail the crazy spending of Chelsea and Man City, and with Man United and Liverpool burdened by debt, Arsenal could dominate for years to come. I doubt whether Wenger wants to let somebody else take over his baby and get all the glory.

What is the general consensus Gooners? Is it time for Wenger to go? Has he been our best ever manager? Has he been too cautious and should the seven year trophy drought be punished with the chop?