Arsenal must be good-Wenger mentions title!

Us Gooners may have got a little bit carried away after watching the whole Arsenal team put in a scintillating performance yesterday as we destroyed Southampton 6-1 at the Emirates. We are not alone it seems, as Arsene Wenger did what he hardly ever does and mentions our chances of winning the league.

It must be a football manager thing, Jose Mourinho was doing it last year when Real Madrid were seven points clear of Barcelona with just three games left, to rubbish your chances or refuse to admit that the title is in the bag. Of course it is way too early to tell how the league is going to go, but the way Arsenal have started this season compared to last season has made the Frenchman optimistic enough to talk about it.

“We have a chance for the title but first we must show consistency.

“We have the quality to do it but we have to show how much we want it.”

Wenger goes on to state that the next couple of weeks will give us a true indication of our trophy credentials, with Montpellier, Man City and Chelsea coming up. Last season after four games we had been beaten twice, let in 10 goals and only scored three. Now we are in third place, unbeaten having only let in one silly goal and have scored eight.