Why Gervinho’s Arsenal goals will help Giroud

Newspapers are desperately trying to make a mountain out of a molehill and a drama out of a non-crisis. Shock, horror, Olivier Giroud has yet to score for Arsenal. Robin van Persie scored 30 league goals for the Gunners last year and his replacement is not up to the task. We’re doomed I tell ya, all doomed!

Well, Arsene Wenger isn’t worried and neither is Giroud. They know that the goals will come and that the worst thing he could do was to start listening to the press. Giroud has admitted to feeling the pressure in front of goal and knowing that Arsenal have a big goal shaped hole to fillfrom the exit of the little boy inside van Persie.

That is why Gervinho, and the Southampton own goal scorers, did Giroud a favour yesterday by banging in the goals. Podolski now has two, as does Gervinho, Cazorla and Walcott are buth off the mark. Gooners are not that bothered where the goals are coming from, as long as Arsenal score more than the opposition so all the onus is not on the French striker.

Giroud has revealed that he expected to be used mainly as a substitute this season, at least at the beginning, so he has been thrown in at the deep end. All he needs to do is keep working at his game, getting used to the Arsenal team and the Premier league and helping his team mates to win matches. Before you know it, the press will have something else to flog to death and it will all be a distant memory.