Mobile Game Helps Scientist Analyze Genetic Information

In a recent Twitter thread, Doyle Brunson commented that poker players are some of the most generous people on the planet, noting the number of charity events staged by and for poker players.

The Rational Group, which owns and operates PokerStars have long been a reflection of this generosity. Their commitment to giving back to the community has been taken the form of poker tournaments, grants, and providing expertise to benefit a wide range of worldwide causes.

One World Cancer Day, The Rational Group and PokerStars Helping Hands, announced their involvement in a unique endeavour. In 2013, The Rational Group was invited by Cancer Research UK to send two of their programmers to London’s GameJamevent to work with teams from Facebook, Google and Amazon Web service. The plan was for the coders and programmers to brainstorm ideas for a game.

The game app needed to be unlike any other game available. During game play, the players would be helping scientists analyse complex genetic data with the end result being the development of new life saving cancer treatments.

The Rational Group funded the development of the game and on February 4, World Cancer Day, Play to Cure™ : Genes in Space was released. The game which is available for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play, is the first to use the collective force of the players to study complex genetic data.

In the game players take on the role of a recruit for “Bifrost Industries” whose job is to collect Element Alpha. Your goal is to rise through the ranks by mapping a route through densest area of Element Alpha, avoiding asteroids and trading your Element Alpha for upgrading ships.

When players map their route and fly their spaceship through the space to collect Element Alpha they are actually analysing data which would take hours for the scientist to study.

Scientists have long used computers to search through DNA information to find gene abnormalities, but the human eye is far more effective in finding patterns then any software.

Play to Cure™: Genes in Space is the latest example of The Rational Groups and PokerStars commitment to supporting charitable endeavours worldwide though their Helping Hands corporate giving programme. Genes in Space is a fun and engaging game that truly can make a difference in the future of cancer treatment.