Is there fire for Arsenal amongst the smoke of Villa transfer rumours?

It has been twice now in this transfer window that representatives of both Arsenal and Barcalona have come out and said there are no discussions ongoing for Spanish striker David Villa, however the rumour continues to persist and fill our pages of transfer rumours.

Last night it was being reported that Arsenal representative Richard ‘Dicky’ Law had travelled to Spain in order to meet with both Barcelona and David Villa representatives over a possible move to Arsenal being negotiated in these last few days.

The story was quickly picked up by both Spanish and British media and it was reported on Sky Sports News that Arsene Wenger had once again reiterated the fact we wouldn’t be signing Villa.
Wenger said;

“Barcelona don’t want to sell, they’ve made that very clear.” What’s interesting is that he basically admits that contact has been made with Barcelona for the 31-year old. My view is though he may not have quite given up all together.

Barcelona have reiterated the fact they don’t want to sell him, as they see Villa as an important player for the team. However did we want to sell Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy? No. Were they important players? Yes. Why did we sell them? Because they forced their way out.

Now, obviously Barcelona’s situation is different. They aren’t run as a business, they pay good wages that are on the same terms as other top teams worldwide and they have a consistent chance of winning trophies. But if a player isn’t happy (Villa reportedly isn’t happy) then he can easily make a difference these days.

I personally don’t think we will sign him because of a number of reasons including the money factor and the fact he has just become a father and so will probably not want to move from Spain right now, however with Wenger you never know with transfers. He is probably the most unpredictable manager on the planet when it comes to signings because he likes to twist and torment the minds of the media. I for one certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if we did eventually make a move for Villa however with the transfer window nearing to a close, any potential move is looking ever less likely.