Can Arsenal thrive as underdogs against Bayern?

According to the bookmakers, there is little point in Arsenal turning up at the Emirates tonight to face Bayern Munich. Not only are the Germans 4/1 on to progress to the quarter-final stage of the Champions league, they are favourites to beat Arsenal in North London tonight. Arsene Wenger is confident that the Gunners can upset the odds, but is he right?

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The Prof is not very pleased at the media build up to the match, which has given Arsenal somewhere between a cat and a snowball’s chance in hell. You only have to go back three days to the game against Blackburn, however, to find evidence that underdogs can win despite being outplayed by a better team. Wenger will want his players to prove that we can do it to other teams just as other teams can do it to us.

“We are the underdogs. You just need to read the English press to understand that.

“We have pressure because we want to do well and we want to win. I believe that, whether you are favourites or underdogs, what counts is to play well. Make a good pass when you have the ball and defend well when you don’t have the ball.

“What is important is that when you play to win a competition, at some stage you have to play a big team.

“If I listen to your questions we are not favourites, but I trust our quality, our spirit and our mental strength.”

It should hurt the Arsenal players to be written off before they have kicked a ball, so they should be ready to give everything to prove people wrong. It certainly won’t be easy, but if Arsenal are disciplined and play well, and if the football gods are smiling on us for a change, there is no reason why The Gunners cannot send the Germans home to lick their wounds. Or am I being too optimistic?