Are Arsenal getting better or worse?

I have been an Arsenal supporter for over 65 years, so I have seen the best and the worst. As a teenager I was an Arsenal fan travelling all around the country with the club. I cannot recall a time when l felt so frustrated with the Arsenal team’s performance.

They are so uncertain, which begs the question, are the players up to scratch? I used to say about Walcott that he was not consistent enough in goal scoring. I laughed when Arsene Wenger said he wasn’t interested in the money before signing a new contract.

There seems a large amount of players that we buy that are simply not up to the standard. I don’t have to mention them, there are too many. A reality check is required before we buy another `bargain`. The losing of van Persie was massive, even the billionaire director said that on Russian tv.

Fabregas leaving was the start of the rot setting in. Now we can’t even beat Bradford. We sometimes have sparks of a good result, but these are far from consistent. It is looking clear that this season will be another blank.

It’s all very well being in the black, but the way we are going you will get empty seats instead.

harold kaye