Arsenal Chairman says the price of a new player is “secondary”

Everybody┬┤s favourite Arsenal Chairman, Peter Hill-Wood, has been cheering the fans up again by saying that the Gunners can buy stars if they need to improve the team and can compete with “most people”

Arsene Wenger came under a lot of pressure in January for not buying a (top,top) striker during the transfer window, so Hill-Wood was asked if the recent profits meant that they would be making cash available for transfers. He replied: “We are in a position where we can compete with most people,”

“If there is someone we really want, then the price guide is secondary.”

Second to what though? Perhaps the wages asked may be more important? This is something most fans would like to know, especially as you have to win the jackpot at Mansion Casino to pay for a season ticket every summer! This is a very touchy subject with Arsenal fans, considering such a super-rich club haven’t won a trophy for eight years!

“I understand that they want us to win everything, but so do I. But we are in a damned sight better position than a lot of people.”

I’m sure the Board are in a lot better position than most people, but that doesn’t help the ordinary Arsenal fan that pays through the nose for their tickets – but then watches them lose to teams like Bradford and Blackburn because we sold all our best players…..