The Arsenal Board MUST give Wenger money to invest

It is well documented in the footballing community that Arsenal are a top team and have been for the last two decades, despite this they have been less successful every season since the last time they won anything which was the FA cup in 2005 with English premier league football betting odds not favouring us to end the trophy drought any time soon.

Each season they have angered fans with their transfer policy of selling top players and replacing them with less expensive players ensuring the club always make a healthy profit during transfer windows. Notable players that have been sold and poorly replaced are Cesc Fabregas, Thierry Henry and of course Robin Van Persie to rivals Manchester United. Arsenal’s trophy drought has seen fans turning on manager Arsene Wenger and some even calling for him to go, blaming the manager for the way the club operates is not the right thing to do and it would be madness to part ways with a man who has kept the club in the Champions League season after season without bringing in any world class players to replace those that have been lost.

The way the club operates is down to the Board and the owners of the club, they are the people who decide how much the manager is allowed to spend and they are the people who decide where the club should be aiming to be. It is good in a way that Arsenal are financially responsible and are safe from any kind of trouble like that but at the same time the lack of spending has left the club in a position where progress is not being made. Fans of the club have been waiting for a change of transfer policy for many seasons now, if the board were to allow the manager to spend big and spend plenty this summer then I believe that Arsenal could compete for the premier league title and the champions league.

Arsene Wenger has been known to spend money on younger players in the past but with encouragement and funds his policy could be changed to purchase massive massive quality players but with big reputations. The team could do with new players in every position to see a return to the glory years and recapture the quality of a team with players like Henry, Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Seaman etc….

The club could once again become a legendary team with a huge investment in all areas of the team. A world class goalscorer to replace Van Persie, several defenders who can actually defend competently but most importantly the club need leaders. For the last few seasons they have seriously lacked leadership, with all these players with extraordinary attributes and qualities the club will be Number One once again and be able to compete on all fronts.