Should Arsenal give Gervinho one more chance?

Gervinho was signed by Arsenal from Ligue 1 side Lille two seasons back, when there was an on-going transfer embargo about captain Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. Gervinho was supposedly brought in as a replacement for Nasri as the club fully expected the Frenchman to leave. Gervinho looked like the skilful and effective player that would pose a serious threat to defences, however in reality he picks up the ball, dribbles with it up in the corner until it rolls out for a goal kick.

Now you may be thinking that’s slightly harsh on Gervinho but over the two years that the Ivorian has been in England I really cannot remember a time when the fans have been united on him. I realise that even at games at the Emirates when he scores the fans will celebrate, like you would with any goal, however soon after when he makes a mistake everyone will be slating him once again, myself included.

Despite my perhaps harsh view on Gervinho, ultimately I want him to stay at the club. Unless a substantial offer comes in for the man from Ivory Coast I don’t see any need to sell him. He could be a very effective player to have on the bench and in fact he’s a good option to have towards the end of game because of his pace and skill. Last season he scored a total of 11 goals in 30 matches. 20 games of which he didn’t play the full 90 minutes.

Most fans slate Gervinho because of his wasteful chances and the fact that a lot of the time he just runs until he reaches the box and then doesn’t know what to do. But this is because a lot of the time it seems like he is unsure on where he is playing and to be honest I’m not completely surprised. Wenger often seems to give him a free roaming role which allows him to move from the central striker position and back out to the wing, much like Theo Walcott does. However because of this Gervinho’s positioning can be poor and he may often seem out of the game. So it’s no wonder that when a chance comes to him he often fails because he’s probably panicking and over thinking about what he needs to do.

Now in no way am I condoning him and I won’t say I’m not annoyed with the chances his misses and the decisions he makes, but I feel that unless a really good offer comes in for him, I don’t think we should sell because he does have that something different that not a lot of players have in our squad, so at the end of the day he can be an effective option for Arsenal.