Are Clubs Like Monaco A Threat To Arsenal?

I sincerely believe that clubs like Monaco bring a lot of bad with it than it brings good for the European football. I mean look at the way the club has taken the summer transfer window by storm, paying the top European clubs like Porto bizarre amount of money just to fulfill their wish list. This kind of transfer policy where a club with a good youth academy scouts for the best talent all around the world and develops them into international stars from ages of 15 or 16 till they hit prime is forced to sell their top talent mostly because these oil-cash rich clubs are offering them massive pay rise and large sums to the respective clubs as well. First it was Man city, Chelsea, PSG and now its Monaco, the list is big and has kept growing.

If you look at finance policy and transfers policy at club like Real Madrid and Barca, Its true that they had also had spent millions on fresh talents every year (80 million on Ronaldo, 57 million on Neymar etc.), but at the same time they had tried to balance their books by gaining significant amount of marketing, sponsorship and not to forget the transfer of their top talents as well. Then how is this different from what these oil rich clubs are doing in this transfer window.

My first argument poses a very fundamental question of what a football club is meant for. Transfer of football skills to the young talent at the club and them showing the zeal to learn and show loyalty towards the club should be the driving force for club and not the money circulating in these leagues. My second argument is a very serious allegation that these clubs are spending Big on the top talent across Europe so as to convert their ‘Black Money’ into white. They know this very precisely that these players and their contracts are an asset to them and a way of storing money which they can cash out as they like. It’s a path breaking idea in itself that very less number of fans realizes.

Finally in my opinion, Wenger resisting spending bizarre amount on players in this window and buying young talent instead is the signs of good things to come. ’Nasris’ had come and gone many times but the gunner spirit and ‘Wilsheres’ are here to stay forever.