Is Rooney “Doing A Van Persie” On Man United

There has been a huge buzz around the transfer market this summer regarding the future of Rooney at United. Will he go, will he not, all this has made the fans undergo a lot of frustrating moments where the reports are rushing in every day and then there was this silence. Reports came that Rooney had secretly held meetings with two Europe clubs. This was surely the last report that fans were hoping to see.

But I for one see these reports as the moment we have been waiting for. If you look at the last statements by Rooney where he explains his love for the club and fans but also his desire to leave the club by pointing towards the lack of games time and Ferguson’s flawed but effective philosophy to play him deep in the midfield is very close to what our one time favorite Mr. Persie said to us at the time of leaving. The difference was just that he wanted to win more trophies and this time Rooney wants his cult status back at the club. He doesn’t want to play the role of a second fiddle to van Persie.

He is ready to give in all the love and respect that he had gained by the fans across the world for newer challenges, leaving at a very crunch moment when there is a change of guard at the club with a new manager showing his commitment to carry the Ferguson legacy forward. You take this and compare it with what persie did to the faith Wenger had shown in him. It was the fans and Wenger who stood by him during his injury stints in 2008-10 seasons and he rewarded it by bluffing about his plan to move in search of so called ‘Trophies’. This time Rooney is doing this with the united fans and management by remaining silent over his desires and simultaneously holding secret talks with other clubs.

Whether Rooney stays or goes – or more Persie’s follow the “saga”, which, though is a part of game on one side but a harsh blow on the heart of a true gooner and football fans across the world.