Is Adams right about Arsenal’s trophy chances?

Arsenal legend Tony Adams has dampened the recent good feeling within Arsenal fans as he has said that the club is “miles away” from winning any titles next season and the club hasn’t made any changes to it’s usual policies.

Adams claimed that he offered to join the Arsenal board to be a closer link between the squad and the board but they never contacted him since and then appointed Sir Chips Keswick as the chairman of the club. He said that he was baffled by the appointment and doesn’t see how it will benefit the club in any way at all.

Adam’s next point was that if Arsene Wenger leaves the club to join PSG as has been reported in the media lately, the board will not have a clue how to properly replace him and that there is no candidate even in anybody’s minds at the current time.

Adams may be bitter about not being considered for the board or for chairman as he claims that he would be a better figurehead and could benefit the club with his knowledge of the club and of how football works.

Don’t let Adams comments change your hopes at the moment though as the club does seem to be pressing ahead in the transfer market with a deal for Gonzalo Higuain still not complete but close. Fresh rumours about Wayne Rooney have come out again today as Arsenal may open with a £20 Million bid for the Manchester United striker.

After years of low spending the club has claimed that those times are over and that big players will be bought but Tony Adams clearly isn’t holding his breath. As always the Arsenal fans will just have to sit and wait to see what happens come next season. Let’s hope that our former captain is wrong about this. Can we really cope with another barren season?