What Are The Betting Odds That Arsenal Will Not Sign Luis Suarez?

The story about Luis Suarez moving to Arsenal seems to have come from nowhere and it’s quite surprising considering that he has told the Uruguayan media that he wants to leave England. There have already been a few articles about this story but the fact that bets are being placed in Spain for him to move to Arsenal is suspicious.

Usually when lots of bets are placed on something – especially in another country it means that somebody has inside information and that somebody is taking advantage of it by placing industrial scale bets on it happening.

I thought when I first heard about Suarez that it was just another rumour but now I am having second thoughts. Things like this have happened in the past and quite a few times they have come true.

Considering nobody has really ever mentioned this before and then all of a sudden there is a rush of bets in Spain suggests that there is something wrong. Also the Spanish media were pretty convinced that Luis Suarez was going to Real Madrid this summer but attentions have since turned to Edinson Cavani.

Real Madrid have admitted that they were negotiating for Suarez and Suarez has said that he would like to go to Madrid. If Anything it seems like these bets should have all been placed on Real Madrid.

I don’t really know how it would go down if Suarez moved to Arsenal. Would he be welcomed because of his great ability or will Wenger be moaned at despite spending some money on a good player?

There is also Higuain to think about, he is expected to complete his deal any time. How would he work with Suarez? Would Arsenal use two out and out strikers to guarantee goals or is Suarez an alternative if Higuain decides not to come?

This series of bets has produced a very strange story and nothing looks certain for now. But there’s no smoke without fire and there’s no large scale betting without reliable information.