Up Yours PSG! Wenger’s Staying At Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has told the media that he is set to continue his 17 year stay at Arsenal for at least a few more years by saying that he will soon sign a new long term contract. The report covered by Sky Sports News, was originally covered in Asia, where the Arsenal squad are currently out on their pre-season tour. At one of the press conferences, Wenger told reporters that he will be staying at Arsenal and that the PSG rumour is basically nonsense.

Wenger said, “I am committed to staying longer at this club. I’ve already had a chat with Ivan. It went very well, not a problem. The link with PSG is there because I’m French and I know the owners. But if that was the case then I would be there already. I’m not at PSG because my heart is with Arsenal.”

Many fans have questioned him over the last few years, myself included, however I’ve come to realise that it’s best for Arsenal to keep Wenger because at the moment there is nobody realistically better to replace him. We missed out on Pep Guardiola before he joined Bayern Munich, and I do think he was a realistic target, whilst some people were calling for Jose Mourinho, but come on that was never going to happen. The only person I can see that might be an upgrade from Wenger at the moment would be Borussia Dortmund manager Jürgen Klopp and he isn’t going to leave anytime soon, so for the time being its best to stick with the loyal Frenchman.

Just because a club haven’t won a trophy for 8 years, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the manager’s fault. It’s down to the players, the ownership and the financial side and a lot of people forget it’s all interlinked. Arsenal Football Club is run like a business! Not much is going to change that stance I’m afraid and, just like Gary Neville said upon Arsenal’s win at Newcastle, Wenger has in fact been one of the most spectacular managerial performances of all time.

He has led the club to success and although things have dried up for the moment, we have kept a consistent level of being amongst the top clubs in the Champions League, unlike Liverpool, and I’m certain that at the moment, there is no manager that could replace Wenger under the current circumstances.

So that moneybags French club can take their money and stick it up their Arsenals!