Stefan Jovetic – Another One That Arsenal Let Slip Through Their Fingers

As Arsenal fans all become worried about the fact we are still yet to sign of anyone of real calibre, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that fellow Premier League club Manchester City, have todays bolstered their attacking strengths by adding two very good players to the mix.

Firstly is Alvaro Negredo, who made the transfer from Spanish club, Sevilla (where City also bought winger Jesus Navas) to Man City for a reported £20 million. The second player to join is Stefan Jovetic who as we all know was a major transfer target for Arsenal this summer, according to all the constant speculation.

Now before sounding like this should be on a Manchester City website, I’d like to point out that the main focus of this article is not that we should be relishing at the fact that we are once again being left behind in the transfer window and ultimately experiencing the same old, same old with Arsenal like we have done for the last few summers. But in fact the main focus is that City have signed one of Arsenal’s major transfer targets for what seems to be a ‘snap off the hand’ price.

If you were to believe the reports at the beginning of the transfer window, that Arsenal had found a pre-contract agreement with Fiorentina to sign Jovetic, then this news may come as a bit of a shock to you. But with the fee reported to be in the region of £22 million, is Wenger really serious about spending big this summer?

Its widely suggested that the reason why no deal eventually happened between the interested parties, was because Arsenal weren’t willing to pay the Seria A side’s high transfer value for the player and in this instance, rightly so. I personally don’t think Jovetic is worth the £25 million being quoted and I would of paid £20m max, although even that’s maybe a little too high over valuation, however the fact is, if Wenger wanted Jovetic as much as it seemed, then why did he hassle of such a small difference in valuation.

Like I said, I personally don’t think Jovetic is worth £22m so my opinion on how much Wenger should have been trying to get this player is no more than just a spiteful guess, but if the Frenchman and Gazids are serious about paying top money for very good players then why was Jovetic just allowed to slip through our fingers?