Has The Arsenal Boss Lost His Touch In Transfer Market?

If you’re like me then this Luis Suarez saga is starting to get on my back. One moment he is forcing a move through to Arsenal another minute Liverpool are saying that the Uruguayan international striker won’t be sold at any price. And of course in between that we have both clubs, but mainly Liverpool, making complete fools of themselves with silly, unrealistic comments, considering they are all expected to be professionals.

Wenger has always had a reputation of being a shrewd operator in the transfer market, and maybe he does know exactly what he is doing. If this deal does fall through, however, maybe the Frenchman should brush up his skills in the market or finally come to terms with the fact that money talks in the market more than it did in 2005.

Wenger has made it very clear on numerous occasions that he doesn’t wish to discuss the transfer of Suarez to Arsenal with the media because he is fearful that his words will be twisted but also because he knows his words could damage any deal possible. If I’m honest, I totally respect him for that and although it’s frustrating for the fans, I’d rather Wenger didn’t further complicate the matter by causing controversy that will anger Liverpool fans.

However, one thing Wenger has said is that he has made it very clear we will move onto other targets if the matter can be resolved.

Wenger said, “We try and get what we want; if that doesn’t work we will look somewhere else. The clubs with talented players don’t want to lose them. Some clubs acted very early so the choices were reduced and there is more competition coming from France with Paris St Germain, who buy big players for huge amounts of money, so it’s tough, difficult and slow. I can assure the fans we will try very hard to keep them happy. We are certainly ready to spend the money, but the process is going slowly, but surely.”

It’s obvious to me that the player in question is Suarez, and in fact as much as I have come to like Suarez, mainly in desperation for signings rather than anything else, I think it would be wrong to stick by him for the rest of this window in hope of getting him, when we could be working on some other players. The same thing happened with Higuain, as it became clear we weren’t going to get him, we moved on and that was the right approach. However the question is, who are Wenger’s other targets? Because surely there aren’t that many top quality players left now for realistic transfer.