Cabaye Pushing Newcastle For Arsenal Move

Alan Pardew is well known for having a dig at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, having done it several times over his managerial career at both West Ham and now Newcastle. After Arsenal made a £10 million bid for French international Yohan Cabaye, Pardew once again took to the media stage to badmouth Arsenal, in quite an embarrassing turn of events.

In my opinion Pardew embarrassed himself and all associated with Newcastle, when he said Arsenal bid for Cabaye at the wrong time because it was just before their game with Manchester City. First of all it was reported the bid was made on the Saturday and Newcastle played on the Monday, so I don’t see how that is ‘right before the game’, and even so, why should Arsenal have to know when an acceptable time to bid for a player is. It’s embarrassing to Newcastle and simply pathetic.

Perhaps the more famous event is when he slaughtered Wenger for fielding a number of French players in an English league match; however look at it the other way round and currently the majority of Pardew’s side is French. The contradictory character has now once again come out to dig at Arsenal this time claiming we have turned Cabaye’s head!

Pardew said: “It is quite simple – we need to resolve the situation. We need to get ourselves in a position where if he stays, great, and if he doesn’t stay we need to get someone equally as good. We have big clubs filling our players with disharmony.”

Cabaye, who has missed both of Newcastle’s opening two Premier League games against City and West Ham respectively has supposedly said he refuses to play in hope of forcing a move to Arsenal. Of course as far as we are all aware there has been no contact aside from a single bid and so it has nothing to do with Arsenal whether he chooses to play or not, we have done nothing wrong. It’s understood however that Arsenal haven’t returned with a second bid for Cabaye as of this moment.