Arsenal Are Looking For Superstars At Cheap Prices Says Wenger

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed the reasons why we haven’t signed anyone so far this summer, and it would appear that he is looking for “a player in a million” that ticks all his boxes and is available cheaply!

Wenger has already admitted that the squad is looking thin in numbers, but it seems that instead of buying three players he wants one that can fill many positions. “That is the key word – the right additions,” Wenger said yesterday. “That is what I work at – the right additions. It is not just about additions.

“If you look at the players, you see Rosicky, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere… so to find better players you have to travel. [For example] we need a player who is versatile, who can play in different positions in midfield, because at the moment we are a little bit stretched.

“Attitude and focus are also important, the mental aspect in the modern game is vital. I watched the games yesterday [Sunday] and you have to be completely focused for 90 minutes.”

Wenger then went on to say that it has become even more difficult in recent times because (would you believe it!) other clubs are actually looking at some of these excellent players as well!

“The market has been difficult for two reasons,” he explained. “One, I have quality players and, two, the competition for players is absolutely massive in the international market.

“Before, we were privileged – we were a bit more lonely out there. Now, everybody knows everybody and it is more difficult.”

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Wenger is now talking about only bringing in a couple – “or even three!” of new arrivals. Considering that around 20 have gone out the door I am thinking that this will be a false economy in the end. There ARE injuries, there WILL be more injuries, and he will be using more and more inexperienced youngsters to replace them. I just hope to God that he knows what he is doing?

We simply can not afford another trophy-less season and there is no how we are going to win anything this season with the current squad.