Wenger Reveals Ongoing Concerns About Jack Wilshere

Arsenal’s “Great White Hope”, Jack Wilshere, has had a tough couple of seasons injury-wise, but with his final operation to remove the pin inserted into his leg, he should now be well on his way back to his best.

Due to this, Arsene Wenger is obviously worried about over exerting his young prodigy until he is 100% back to his best, and the Frenchman voiced his concerns about Wilshere suffering a relapse.

“He was a bit tired before the Fulham game but it was more about giving him a rest,” explained Wenger. “He could have played but it made sense to give him a breather because we’re playing every three days at the moment. He is not 100 per cent yet, but he is 90 per cent.

“I’m a bit cautious because he’s had a few operations. I don’t want to make a mistake on the medical front and overuse him because the ankle is the most important part of any football player.

“I take always medical advice. If the ankle is not inflamed, if he has no pain, then we would not rest the player. If they say there is a little inflamed ankle, we would say ‘OK, let’s not play him. I do that with medical advice.

“I would be a bit more cautious with Jack. Until we feel he is completely free from any risk, of course.”

“It is difficult because you don’t know how the body responds and when a player plays a good game he wants to continue,” the boss said.

“We have a good communication between him and the medical department. He played 45 minutes for England after two 90-minute games.

“He had not played 90 since February. The numbers suggested he needed a breather.” Wenger told Arsenal.com

But after resting against Fulham, Jack will be back tonight. I know we don’t want to hide his passion but he just needs to calm down his recklessness sometimes. One thing is sure. If he can remain injury free this season he will certainly play a big part in England’s attack on the World Cup next summer.

I however must also point out that both Wenger and the England manager need to exercise caution if we must see the best of Wilshere both this season and at the world cup. It is a well known fact that Stress injury is one of the most difficult to get rid of hence Wenger and Rodgson need to come to an agreement on how to best handle the situation.