Is The Emirates Stadium Really An Iconic Football Ground?


After several decades playing at Highbury, which looked like a ground from a bygone age by the middle of the last decade, Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium in 2006. A world away from the art deco facades and open corners of our old home, our shiny new 60,000 venue looked like it could be the springboard for bigger and better things.

While we haven’t won a trophy since moving there, the ground has helped to boost revenue and improve our standing in the game. While it’s coincided with steep rises in ticket prices for home and away fans, it’s a venue worthy of one of England’s most famous and successful clubs, but can it be called an iconic stadium?

Right answer?

A quiz from Ladbrokes revealed that most people thought that out of a selection of English football stadia, the Emirates Stadium was the most recognizable of the lot. For a stadium that’s just over seven years old, that might seem a little strange, but when compared to other grounds around the country, it does look pretty good.

The three-tiered ground is as impressive on the outside as it is inside. Its looks haven’t dated since the first game was played there, while it does pay homage to Highbury by having the old clock from the Clock End at the top of the ground. For it to become iconic, it’s going to take another decade or so, but it’s a nice ground that any fan would be proud to go to.

Building for the future

Probably the main reason why the Emirates was built in the first place was to improve the club’s standing. In some respects, it has, although we haven’t won a single piece of silverware since moving there. Within the first few seasons, our transfer budget was restricted thanks to the £600m price tag that came with its construction.

After paying off the debts incurred from building the Emirates, we have been able to spend some money. The £42m capture of Mesut Ozil is hopefully the start of us spending all the money we’ve made from the new ground, eventually leading to a much-needed major honour this season!