Wenger To Rotate To Avoid Fatique


With Man city, Chelsea and Newcastle in the Horizon, Gunners make attempts to hold it together As Christmas draws close, the run-in for the English Premier League title starts to take shape with Arsenal safely in the driving seat. However given their December schedule, fears of fatigue plaguing their current squad have started to arise amongst certain sections of their fans especially due to the fact that the team is now slated to be playing 6 games in a period of 21 days. Speaking to the press before the Napoli game-another big fixture in which they have to avoid defeat-, the Gunners’ boss moved to allay these fears by talking up the possibility of rotating squad members whenever possible.

The boss said “we will [try] to rotate a little bit at times, but never more than two or three players because the stability of the side is so important” a very prudent approach especially given how much the regular players have been showing committed focus on many occasions during the tough matches. Players brought in should be able to fit in well with the regular quality, and maintain the mental strength which endeavors to see the hunger to end an eight year old silverware drought realized come May 2014.

“When you play so many games, sometimes in one game you have a feeling [that] the legs are a bit tired, but sometimes the game after. They surprise you again and everybody has recovered.” The manager is reported to have continued on to say. “At the moment we have a stable squad. In some positions I rotate more than [in] others where the stability is important.But overall we have no major signs of fatigue medically”

For a team that has been known to be out of contention of all major trophies by February in the past couple of seasons, the manager’s words here will come as a welcome boost to renew that sense of hope amongst fans that having started off the season well, the form displayed by the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Wojeich Szczesny, Olivier Giroud and the rest can be maintained all season long even well into the coming year when all titles will be decided. The Arsenal team continues to impress and surprise many in equal measure, given the fact that it currently enjoys plaudits as the most inform English team in the year 2013.

The gunners hope this to remain the order of business for all the remaining fixtures as we near the months for the World Cup 2014 to be held in Brazil. Quite a number of players in the current squad will be striving for berths in their respective national squads come the grandest stage of world football. Olivier Giroud still faces competition with a number of French internationals for the striker role, so with this in mind, one hopes that he will outdo his current efforts to nail down that number in the French squad. Same applies with Walcott on the wings for England, Sagna too for France’s Right back and Koscielny for the Centre back position.