Arsenal Is Good Enough To Win The Premier League – Rafa Benitez

Napoli vs Arsenal

Arsenal’s title charge has received huge backing from an unlikely source. The manager of Arsenal’s Champions League foe Napoli Rafa Benitez has backed the Gunners for the EPL title.

“This could be the year they win the Premier League.

“For me Wenger is the best coach in the Premier League and knows what his team must do.

“Arsenal will try to control possession and hit us with counter attacks. We have to do our thing, focus on ourselves and not on them.

“In modern football everyone knows the quality of their rivals. Arsenal is a very strong side.”

Well said Benitez. I am not surprised that Benitez is backing Arsenal. Of all the top managers in the EPL, the Spaniard seems to get on more with the Frenchman. There is no love lost between him and the others like Mourinho while at Chelsea and Inter and Moyes during his stint at Everton no thanks to the Merseyside derby.

Another reason why his support isn’t a surprise to me is that he has already played Arsenal twice this season (Emirates Cup and Day 2 of Champions League) so he knows the stuff the Gunners are made of.

Benitez is qualified to have a say on who wins the league because he has been embroiled in a battle for it during his stint at Liverpool and to this end, his predication should be taken with seriousness unlike those of Shearer, Owen and Poyet.