Arsenal Named Among The Top 5 Clubs In World Football

Arsenal goal celebration

Ahead of the tie against Napoli, Arsenal have received huge applause from Watford’s technical director who was formerly at West Ham, Gianluca Nani. The Italian has labelled the Gunners as one of the best 5 teams in Europe. Watford technical director Gianluca Nani, a regular pundit in the Italian media, was interviewed and he had this to say about the Gunners.

“The Gunners are the first in the Premier League and as a result are among the top five teams in the world.” ( Quote via, translated from Italian )

Interesting thoughts from the Italian. Since reading the piece, my mind has gone to work and have been thinking, if Arsenal are one of the best 5 teams in Europe, who are the other 5? Certainly. the Gunners are the team to beat in England and their position on top of the league log says it all. Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid and maybe Athletico Madrid are the remaining 4 though he didn’t reveal.

That bold statement is a clear testament to how far Arsenal have come this season. That statement coming from a man that holds no ties with Arsenal is wort taking seriously that the biased and jaundiced statements from Shearer and Owen who both think Arsenal won’t win the league and might finish 5th.