Arsenal Legend Warns Wenger

Ahead of the winter window, the media has been agog about rumours of the likely players that Arsenal might be splashing the cash in a bid to maintain the momentum they have had so far this season but former striker and record goalscorer Thierry Henry has warned Wenger on his January spending.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the French icon advised Wenger to tread carefully and seek someone of the Arsenal mould if he intends on acquiring fresh blood in the new year.

“You have to bring someone [to the club] if that person is going to help you,” the 36-year-old said.

“If you bring someone, and that guy is going to only think about himself and make sure that he can show what he can do, instead of helping the team…”

Well said Henry. This is one person that always have the club at heart and it’s not a surprise that he is talking like a patriot. When everyone is loosing their head and focusing on Arsenal spending big in the summer, Henry has kept his and think the Frenchman should tread with caution with regards to winter acquisitions and I must confess he was on point. January is a dangerous time to buy and the fact that it is few months before the World Cup makes it more precarious. For any player aspiring to be at World Cup, he would want regular football to brighten his chances of making the World Cup and that could upset the balance in the squad. The last thing Arsenal need at this moment is an egocentric player.

I am not disputing the fact that Arsenal need to bolster their ranks but they should go for players that are ready to play for the team and not for themselves. It should be team over self now.