Henry Wishes For Ozil’s Partnership


If there is one man that Arsenal fans still rever, it is Thierry Henry. Despite leaving the club for a stint at Barcelona, he still remains fans favourite. The Gunner legend has given his verdict on Arsenal’s record signing and it was a vote of confidence. The Gunners’ record scorer revealed that he would have loved to have the German as a teammate during his Arsenal days.

“I would have love to play with him,” New York Red Bulls striker Henry said on Sky Sports. “He reminds me in a different way of Robert Pires.

“He’s the type of player you give the ball to and he’ll give it back to you. He will share the ball.

“He can find a guy a guy that’s quick or a target striker, any type of ball – whatever you want.

“And he has that thing that you look for in a midfielder: it seems like he has time, even though we all know that’s not the case.

“It seems like he’s playing at home in his garden and there’s nobody around him. That’s the type of player you want.

“You need to be composed on the ball and I think he brought that to Arsenal.”

“He’s not built, he’s not that big, and yet you can’t get the ball off him.

“If you look at him closely, he will always do a little step on the right if you want to go on the left, just to make sure that you don’t come close to him and he gets that distance to operate.

“That’s one of the things I say to some of the youngsters I play with: you’ve got to do something before you get the ball, drop your shoulder.

“And you will see with Özil that he does it all the time. And the way he does it, his head is always up.

“He came with his name but you have to back it up; you can’t come only with a name. He has backed it up.”

Is Ozil anything like Pires? Well, in his playing style maybe he is a bit like the Frenchman. He is calm on the ball with elegant touches, never in a hurry but looking for holes in defence to exploit but in terms for position, he is a little different from Pires. The Frenchman was more of a conventional winger while the German is more of a playmaker. That’s a whole world of difference but both men are massively talented and without any iota of doubt top class players.

About wanting to play with Ozil, was that a sense of regret or an hint at something that is about to happen? Henry is back training at Arsenal and according to Wenger, he is just trying to keep in shape during the MLS close season but Arsenal’s gapping void in attack means they still need a striker whether in the long term or short term. At this point, Arsenal and Henry’s desires are a bit synergised. Won’t be shocked if Wenger offers Henry a short term loan deal. Henry might not be the same Henry of the past but he would still have some tricks up his sleeves.

To this end, Henry’s wishful thinking might just come true.