Arsenal Handed A Wake up Call – What I Learned About Arsenal Against City


The gunners were on Saturday handed a 9 day hiatus from any on-pitch endeavors in a proper drubbing by the league’s big spenders Manchester City. On a morning where everything that could go wrong did indeed, Arsenal’s tough start to the month of December was to continue when they turned from being the most impressive defensive side in the English premier league betting and in the league it self, to letting in 6 goals in one single match.

Ironic as it might sound though, this was a game where even Arsenal themselves could pick positives despite the showings on the score sheet. For starters, the match officiating of the day left a lot to be desired. Many awful and yet costly decisions all went against the team from North London.

5 offiside calls that were all WRONG, 2 legit goals disallowed, and a clear penalty denied, all of which could’ve seen Arsenal score almost the same number of goals as (or even more than) Manchester City did. Yes, it was that open a game. But the differences of the day could not be neglected. The Arsenal Midfield seemed to be in complete shambles the entire game, especially in the second half. Misplaced passes that proved costly, poor defending, and an injury to arguably the apparent best defender in the league all colluded to ensure to the awful defeat in Manchester.

Many in the Arsenal squad will look back to this game with lots of sorrow and regrets but probably not more than Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud. To many, these two were at their worst for the afternoon clash; not only did both miss to hit the target when chances availed themselves, but also did fail to contribute productively to the team. Jack was off right from the start when he was allowed a lot of free space in the City box, with a ball that had cleanly fallen for him, and yet he ended up blazing wide off the mark in what could most likely have been the opener of the game. He then went on – in the same half- to lose sight of City’s Marauding right back Zebaletta who in loads of free space received a pass from Yaya Toure that he easily squared after a few paces to create City’s second of the game.

So much wrong did Arsenal do in the midfield that one hopes as we lead into the Chelsea game, the lads must’ve beaten themselves hard enough never to see these things happen again, as the Chelsea game is a definite must win if we still hunger to remain on top of the table going into 2014.


The Chelsea game now, more than ever, is a definite MUST win. Not even a draw will be good enough, given that a win for Liverpool on the weekend will see them ascend back onto the summit. We’ve put ourselves in this precarious situation, and therefore owe it to ourselves to pull out of it.

Ours is a really good but thin squad. Playing 3 games in a period of 6 days was just too much for the overworked legs, especially given that two of these games were away from home, even involving traveling to Italy. Should chance avail itself, a couple of signings would do the squad a world of good. And this hasn’t been hammered enough by all who care about The Arsenal, I’ll just add in that pound for extra measure. We badly need a striker who can show up in big matches. Not only a striker; our current situation with the Right Back position needs to be sorted sooner than later.

With all said and done, we have what it takes to bounce back and revive our title challenges, hopefully we do just that come 7 days from now.