Wenger Challenges Wards To Banish Chelsea Ghost

Arsenal’s season has been decent as they led the league title for a long while and could yet go back to its’ summit this evening with a victory over Chelsea but vocal critics of Arsenal’s title credentials have consistently stressed that the Gunners can’t be taken too seriously since they haven’t beaten their direct rivals.

Well, that could be true because Arsenal have perfected the art of beating the minnows and average teams even some decent ones like Liverpool and Spurs but are still falling short against the ‘big boys’. Loses against the Manchester clubs have dented Arsenal’s title hopes but they have the opportunity to make amends when they host another of the traditional top four Chelsea at the Emirates and Wenger has challenged his players to rise up to the challenge.

“We haven’t won it for a long time, that’s why they question us and of course we have to win a big game when it matters,” Wenger told reporters. “It adds to the pressure, but you cannot play in the Premier League without pressure.

“There are periods where the pressure is a bit bigger and periods where it is smaller. You have to live with that and resist that kind of stress. We have to prove people wrong because at the moment everybody still questions us, even more after our defeat at City.

“We have won some big games. People are only keeping in their mind the big matches that we lose. What is at stake [against Chelsea] is if you want to win the Premier League, you want to win the big games at home. It’s as simple as that.

“The Premier League that is the most important [competition] and we haven’t won it for nine years. Of course, it doesn’t strengthen your belief. If you win it every year, you go in there and it’s just ‘ours’. It makes the challenge more interesting.

“We have had three disappointing results in a row and that is enough, but we have been in much more difficult situations than this.”

Well said Wenger. I believe winning the Premier league doesn’t necessarily require winning the matches against the top teams. Beating the smaller teams is more important but for bragging rights, Arsenal also need to beat their title rivals especially at home. The loss at Old Trafford and Etihad counts for nothing if Arsenal can avenge the losses at the Emirates. Tonight, will be a good time to get one over Chelsea in the league this season. A win will not only take us back to the top of the league, it will also stretch our lead over Chelsea to five points and with match against Liverpool coming next for them, it could become seven or even eight points.

While the result of tonight’s clash doesn’t determine our title fate, it will go a long way in dispelling some of the fears that Arsenal can’t battle the top teams.