Arsenal Are Boring, Claims Jose Mourinho

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has hit out at Arsenal by labelling the Gunners boring for failing to score at home in the goalless draw against the Blues at the Emirates Stadium.

The Blues were booed off the pitch after claiming a Premier League point, to chants of ‘boring, boring Chelsea’, but Mourinho has defended his side’s tactics and insisted the Gunners were the ones who should have felt the frustrations of their home supporters.

Mourinho said: “I think boring is a team that plays at home and cannot score a goal. That’s boring.

“If somebody was boring, they were boring because Petr Cech made zero saves.

“You go to your stadium and you fill your stadium, in weather like we had on Monday, to see victories. There is not a home fan in any club in the world who goes to the stadium and expects his team not to win.”

The resilient rearguard performance was down to preparation, according to Mourinho and his loud mouth. Well I agree Arsenal were not at their best in attack but they could have won it if the referee was a little sensible and gave the penalty. Also, Petr Cech didn’t make any save but they have Azplicueta to thank for the point they left the Emirates with as the Spaniard hacked off Sagna goal bound header on the line. Well, Petr Cech didn’t make that safe not because it wasn’t on target but because he was helpless at doing so.

It is a shame that a team that wants to win the title will visit the home of one of its’ rivals and park the bus despite having an array of attacking talents. It shows how unsure Mourinho is of his Chelsea team. I am sure he will do the same when Arsenal visit the Stamford Bridge later next year. Chelsea have played Manchester United, City and Arsenal and parked the bus in the latter stages of both matches. Apparently if there is one boring team aspiring to win the league, it is Chelsea and deserved to get the boos at the Emirates.