Arsenal Are Like Barcelona But Without World Class Players – Alex Song

FC Barcelona v Malaysia XI

Former Arsenal midfielder who now stars for Barcelona Alex Song has taken a swipe at his former employers, claiming the Gunners are similar with his current club with regards to style of play but watered down on the quality on offer at the Emirates. He claimed Arsenal had great players while Barca had the World’s best players.

“Arsenal have the same style of play as Barça. There are not many differences. The main difference is the quality of players. Barça have the world’s best players, Arsenal have great players. The philosophy is the same, the style is the same. This is why it was easy for me. I had nothing to learn in particular, it is the same style of play.” Said Alex Song. ( Quote translated from French ).

Interesting comments if you ask me but let me start by asking him which class of players he belong to? Certainly, I am sure it is not the World’s best players because if he was, he would have given Busquets a stiffer run for his money but he hasn’t since he joined them last season.

Let me say you don’t need the world’s best players to form a winning team, great players who are committed and disciplined enough to do their job are needed and that’s what Wenger is building. I wish him luck at Barca but he shouldn’t think of returning to Arsenal when he can’t find a space amongst his so-called world’s best because he won’t find a place amongst our great players.