Luiz Gustavo Gives Reason For Arsenal Snub


Many people are still surprised at Arsenal’s failure to seal the deal for Luis Gustavo in the summer after apparently leading the chase for him. Many people have blamed Wenger’s reluctance to spend big as the reason for the failed attempt but the Brazilian has revealed the reasons for his decision to move to Wolfsburg rather than Arsenal.

Talking to the press in Brazil, Gustavo said “I wanted to experience things that I no longer lived in Bayern. Bayern, you prepared the game already knowing you were sure to win the three points. I did not want to leave Germany because it is a country where I fit and I love.”

I am not surprised he didn’t want to leave Germany. Most players that want to force their way into a star-studded squad like Brazil’s ahead of a tournament like the World Cup would want to avoid the issue of adaptation which could affect their form and that would have happened if he had moved to Arsenal. Moving from Bayern to Wolfsburg might be a change of clubs and probably location but it was still the same league, one he had grown accustomed to and understood well. He was also in Germany where could be called his second home unlike wandering into the unknown which would have been the situation if he joined Arsenal.

I know Wenger had lost good players in the past owing to Wenger’s reluctance to pay the demanded figure but in this case, it was down to the player’s reluctance to leave familiar and comfort zone for the unknown. To this end, can you please cut Wenger some slack?