Fabregas Thanks Wenger For Top Chance

In a recent interview with AS, Cesc Fabregas has declared that it was Wenger that gave him the confidence needed to move to the next level in his career at a time when he lacked the confidence to do so.

“I saw people like Gerard [Piqué], Marc Valiente or Messi being moved up the ranks, [but] I wasn’t. There wasn’t the same confidence in me as there was in the others and you notice that. And, quite apart from that, I never thought I was going to be a footballer.”

“I was very young and I couldn’t see myself making a living being a footballer. Though I was aware that it was an opportunity to make the most of, because Wenger told me I was going to train with the first team every day and that I was going to play in the reserves.”

“After a while at Arsenal I became more optimistic [about making it], but when I was at Barça I definitely felt that it was going to be very difficult to be a professional footballer. And I could use stronger words than ‘difficult’.”

“I’ve never shied away from the fact that, when I arrived at Barça, I was coming from a team in which I had been captain and everything went through me. It’s not that I was able to do as I liked, but I played where I thought I could do most damage. ”

Well said Cesc. Not too many stars are humble enough to admit where and who lit their glowing fire. What huge confidence Wenger reposed in him by asking him to fill the big boots left by Patrick vieira after the Frenchman was sold to Italian giants Juventus. He also became the youngest ever captain of the club. So much risk taken by Wenger over him.

Barca claim Arsenal poached him from them but instead of them been critical of Wenger, they should be thankful to him for doing that. If Cesc had stayed put at Barca, he won’t probably be the player he is today.

Fabregas’ testimony would go a long way in influencing talented youngsters that might be eyeing Barca exit in a bid to take the necessary step up. Hopefully, it would be good enough to convince latest Barca starlet Tonny Sanabria to hold out for an Arsenal move rather than joining Roma.

In addition, I also do hope Cesc returns back to his real home in North London. Not a fan of the Spanish La liga but if one judges by the reports coming from the media in Spain, it will not be too surprising if Fabregas returns back to Arsenal especially as the fans of Barcelona continue to mete out harsh treatment to him.